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We at YH4LF are dedicated to empowering individuals in our community by equipping them with vital skills and training. Together with our partners, we organize workshops on Financial Literacy and offer health and wellness services. Our primary focus is to provide support and assistance to those affected by abdominal adhesion related disorder (ARD), as well as their families, caregivers, and vulnerable populations such as women, youth, and children. By providing transitional services, we aim to guide and empower these individuals to make positive changes in their lives, enabling them to live independently. Additionally, we strive to offer workforce development training to disadvantaged families, empowering them to build a strong foundation for an independent life.


Take advantage of a variety of educational services for youth, adolescents, and adults.
Computer Literacy
English Language Readiness
Health & Wellness Workshops
Integrated Educational Classes
Vocational Classes

white book on brown wooden table
white book on brown wooden table
a sign that says we are hiring and apply today
a sign that says we are hiring and apply today
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three avocado fruit desserts

Job Training

Health & Welness

Viable employment is a cornerstone of self-sufficiency which is why we offer free job training including:
Computer Competency
Employment Referrals
Resume Writing & Interviewing
English Language Instruction
Free Financial Literacy Workshops

These debilitating issues: Chronic health problems, such as abdominal adhesion, crohn's disease, adhesion related disorder, and GI issues, along with diarrhea, pain and neuropathy may be caused by inflammation, triggered by foods and, or chemicals in our diet. Must register to speak to one of our Partners.


Are you experiencing any form of loneliness, depression, and need someone to talk to? Call our counseling Team for guidance on coping with a variety of issues.

Our partners provide:
Spiritual Counseling
Prayer Counseling

shallow focus photo of woman in beige open cardigan
shallow focus photo of woman in beige open cardigan